Step-Hear ™ for Public Locations 

Step-Hear ™ audio messaging solution will direct a person accurately to the entrance of a location and offer additional information and directions to the different services available at the premises. 

Step-Hear should be installed in all public places:  Municipalities, Hospitals and Medical Cares, Office Buildings, Shopping Malls, Universities and Colleges, Hotels and Convention Centers, Museums, Libraries, etc., offering equal accessibility to everyone.


Example: Step-Hear ™ in a Hospital Environment

On the large premises of a hospital environment, it is difficult for all of us to find our way around and reach the sought after building, floor, department and finally the desired location. Blind and visually impaired people find it impossible to independently reach their desired location in such an environment, as well as senior citizens, who find it difficult walking around the large premises back and forth. All would welcome some assistance and guidance. 

The Step-Hear ™  system offers simple way-finding, guidance and information instructions, directing and assisting them to easily reach their desired locations. 

Positioning of the units in a Hospital Environment

Solar Units should be place outside, positioned at strategic junctions, directing people to the entrances of the different buildings

Electrical Units should be placed as follows:

  • At the entrance to each building: Informing the name of the building and general information on services offered. 2nd and 3rd button messages should guide the user to the elevators, information counter, washrooms etc.
  • At information counters.
  • At the elevator on each floor – indicating which elevator to take, what departments there are on the specific floor and in which direction to go.
  • At the entrance to different departments.
  • At junction positions – to further guide people to the different departments/services on the specific floor, to washrooms, to cafeterias, exits, kiosk machines, ATM Machines etc.
  • At each washroom, restrooms, cafeteria, ATM machine store etc.


For Example:  Approaching an Elevator

User approaches an elevator: The base unit transmits RF (Radio Frequency) signal continuously.

The personal activator picks up the signal and begins to vibrate and beep.

The user pushes button 1, which activates a pre-recorded message: "Elevators to floors 1-10!"