Company Profile

Step-Hear Ltd. was founded in 2008 after recognizing the need in the market for practical and affordable accessibility solutions. Working side by side with disabled people, we strive to create an independent and accessible living environment, for people with special needs.

The company is dedicated to the development and marketing of innovative assistive technologies and maintains a close relationship with international groups, opinion leaders and experts in the field, staying updated with the development of new technologies.

With over 50 years of combined experience in the field of assistive technology, the owners came about the idea of creating practical and affordable solutions that would allow companies, businesses and the government/public sector to easily offer equal accessibility to everyone. The company has developed:

Step-Hear ® is a simple to use orientation, information and audio messaging systm for the blind and visually impaired people.

Call-Hear®is a "call for help" system that will alert you when a customer at your premises needs assistance or service.

At Step-Hear we believe that everybody should be given an equal accessibility opportunity regardless of their age or ability! 


Our Vision

To create an accessible environment, universally, in all places, indoors and outdoors, that offers people with special needs maximum independence when they are "out and about".


Mission Statement

Ensuring that people with special needs are able to enter any premises, or attain any service, by providing the market with practical accessibility solutions, while taking into consideration safety and emergency situations.