Need of Assistance

Losing one's independence is one of the hardest things for a disabled person to come to terms with. Although most caring family members and friends would not hesitate to help, asking someone to accompany them when going out, for many disable people is "a bitter pill to swallow".

For millions of elderly, disabled, visually impaired and blind people, trying to find their way around a Mall, Hospital, Government building, etc. is like a nightmare. Without the help of another individual, in today's society, they cannot independently walk around.

For blind people, it is not only problematic finding the entrance of the desired premises. When inside they have no idea of what services are offered and in which direction to walk.

Elderly people find it tiring walking around. Trying to find their way around places and reaching their destination can be very stressful, for example finding a certain department at the large grounds of a hospital.

People with disabilities are meeting physical barriers every day, preventing them from having full access in entering retail outlets, establishments, public buildings, restaurants and stores to purchase something or to attain a service.

Today with the growing awareness of accessibility, where companies, establishments and organizations pride themselves on customer service and user-friendliness, offering a practical way-finding solution will add to their reputation of a well-managed operation as well as becoming a community caring facility.

At Step-Hear Ltd, we strive to create an environment where people may go about independently and with the assurance, that assistance is just a "push of the button" away if needed.