Step-Hear® may be installed in various environments and integrated with different systems, making it easier for users to find and approach a service independently.

With the Step-Hear® ATM application, people can now know where the accessible ATM is situated and approach it independently.

The trafic intersection application allows the user to trigger the pedestrian crossing light to green remotely ("handsfree"), without having to find a button on a pole.

The bus stop application will allow users to know which bus stop is where, as well as receive information on the bus timetable. 

Examples of Step-Hear® Environments:

  • Public institutions: government offices, municipalities, educational institutes, museums.
  • Medical institutes: hospitals, health maintenance organizations, rehabilitation centers.
  • Public transportation: bus and train stations.
  • ATM: now you can know where the accessible ATM is!
  • Traffic intersections: Remote activation of pedestrian crossing.
  • Commercial environments: banks, shopping malls, restaurants, hotels.
  • Public areas: memorial sites, parks and tourist spots?.
  • Private use: at home, during a trip, on vacation.

Examples of Call-Hear® in different sectors:

  • Entrances to public places: buidings, shops, offices, departments etc.
  • In washrooms/restrooms for help in emergency and safety situations.
  • Senior citizen home call assist system.
  • Hotel hospitality
  • Easy Fill-Up