CALL-HEAR ™ for Easy Access

Call-Hear ™ for Easy Access provides businesses, facilities and organizations an affordable access solution, welcoming customers to easily enter their premises or to attain a service. 

People with disabilities, senior citizens and individuals pushing prams/strollers etc., are meeting physical barriers every day. Heavy doors, steps, revolving doors and other obstacles prevent them from entering retail outlets, establishments, public buildings, restaurants and stores to purchase something or to be served.
By simply attaching a call unit at the entrance of your premises, you will be offering best practice of service to your customers.

Serving customers professionally and with dignity will always lead to customer retention and improve the public's image of the business.

Install Call-Hear™ Easy Access and increase you customer basis today!

How Does Call-Hear ™ Work?

Call-Hear™ for Easy Access is affordable and simple to install!

The Call-Hear Easy Access Kit consists of:

Call-Hear   Wireless Transmitters: 1-4 call units may be recognized by the chiming unit.

Wireless Chime Receiver: with adjusting volume control, flashing strobe and coloured lights for transmitter identification (battery operated, power supply optional).

Installation Tools: May be attached to surfaces using the double sided sticking tape provided, for easy installation or mounted to a surface with the supplied screw set.