CALL-HEAR ™ for Easy Fill-Up

Offer immediate assistance in refueling.

Call-Hear ™  makes it easier for petrol/gas stations to offer good service to people with special needs. As the petroleum industry shifted from a full service to a self-service industry, they forgot about the millions of disabled drivers. Many of the drivers with disabilities actually need help in pumping petrol/gas into their vehicles. By law in the USA and various other countries, an employee is required to pump petrol/gas for a disabled person if there is more than one employee on duty.

The two basic problems with this are:

1. There is no consistent way of letting the employees know that assistance is needed.

2. There is no way of knowing how many employees are inside.

The call-hear pad attatched to the pump will allow people with special needs to easily call for assistance at a petrol/gas station, without having to get out of the car or make an effort: Using the telescopic extendable magnetic key, a person can easily point the magnetic key through the open car window at the call pad to call for assistance.

Alternatively, the personal AC3 Call-Hear Device allows a person to call for assistance from their car. 

A petrol/gas station offering Call-HearTM Easy Fill-Up will be welcoming new and loyal customers to enjoy the excellent service and care of the station. 

Not only will the petrol/gas station be gaining a good public image for serving its community with dignity and respect, it will be awarded with returning loyal customers who enjoy the professional service. 

Call-Hear ™  for Easy Fill-up is affordable and simple to install!


The Call-Hear ™  Easy Fill-up Kit consists of:

  • Call-Hear ™  Wireless Transmitters: 1-4 call units may be recognized by the chiming unit.
  • Wireless Chime Receiver: with adjusting volume control, flashing strobe and coloured lights for transmitter identification (battery operated, power supply optional).
  • Installation Tools: May be attached to surfaces using the double sided sticking tape provided, for easy installation or mounted to a surface with the supplied screw set.