CALL-HEAR ® for Hotel Hospitality

There are many budget hotels that lock their doors at night, only opening them for their guests. This situation has caused much frustration to hotel guests who enjoy being out at night, only to come back to their hotel and find that they are locked out. In many cases, it has been reported that they have had to wait outside, until they were able to get the attention of the "only staff member" on duty, to open the door. 

Solving the problem and installing a bell at the front door would alert the staff member that there is someone outside. The problem with this solution is:

  • At night the staff members on duty are not always near the lobby or reception desk and might not hear the bell.
  • In the silence of the night, the bell ring will be loud and disturbing to the guests in the hotel.
  • Youngsters on the street tend to press the bell and then run off, irritating the staff and disturbing the guests. 

For these reasons, the hotels are reluctant to install a bell solution.

The Call-Hear®system is a simple and affordable solution, offering good service and hospitality to guests, allowing them to come and go as they please.

By giving guests the Call-Hear ™ Magnetic Extension Key:

  • they will be able to notify the staff members at night that they are outside and waiting for the door to be open.
  • may call for assistance in opening the doors at any time (for the disabled).

The Call-Hear® Hotel Solution:

The system consists of a call unit, chiming unit and magnetic extension key.

The Call Unit is an easily recognizable transmitter that should be attached outside, next to the entrance doors. 

The Chiming Unit is a portable wireless receiver that should be located at the reception desk. If the staff member decides to leave the reception desk, he/she may take the unit with them.

By holding the Magnetic Extension Key to the Call Unit, the Chiming Unit is triggered and will start to ring (volume adjustable) and flash a bright light, indicating that guest is outside and waiting for someone to open the door.

The Call-Hear ® Hotel Kit consists of:

  • Call-Hear 


    Wireless Transmitters:
     1-4 call units may be recognized by the chiming unit.
  • Wireless Chime Receiver: with adjusting volume control, flashing strobe and coloured lights for transmitter identification (battery operated, power supply optional).
  • Installation Tools: May be attached to surfaces using the double sided sticking tape provided, for easy installation or mounted to a surface with the supplied screw set.