Call-Hear ™ - Overview

There are people in the world who suffer from disabilities on a level that few of us could imagine. With the aging of the baby boomers comes the realization that the growth of people with disabilities will continue to increase year by year. Many people with disabilities have a major concern, the mobility issue. Plainly put, 'how are they going to get around'? Through technology there has been the creation of mobility aids like electric wheelchairs, lift vans, and ramps, but the fact remains that people with disabilities are meeting physical barriers every day. Heavy doors, steps, revolving doors and other obstacles prevent them from entering retail outlets, establishments, public buildings, restaurants and stores to purchase something or to attain a service.

Our Call-HearTM product range was developed to ensure that people have an equal accessibility opportunity regardless of their age or ability, while taking into consideration safety and emergency situations.


Call-HearTM for Easy Access – Welcome new customers to enter your premises.

Call-HearTM for Senior Safety – Create a safer home for your family members.
Call-HearTM SOS – Provide immediate help in emergency situations.
Call-HearTM for Easy Fill-Up  – Offer prompt assistance in refueling.

Call-HearTM for Hotel Hospitality.

Call-Hear ™ an Affordable Access Solution for Everyone!

How does Call-Hear work?