CALL-HEAR ™ for Senior Safety

Make homes safer for your family members with special needs!

As we age, seemingly simple activities become gradually more challenging due to physical impairments. It is important to ensure that our loved ones have a feeling of security and independence in their home environment.

Most people like where they live and want to stay there. We can prolong their living at home by helping them feel safe. 

Installing Call-Hear ™ Senior Safety at strategic points (bathroom, bedroom, kitchen) in private, retirement and nursing homes will provide our loved ones with extra independence and security. Call-Hear ™ will allow them to go about their daily activities, with the comfort of knowing that help is just the "push of a button" away.

Accidents in the bathroom, falls in the bedroom!


Did you know that more accidents occur in the bathroom than in any other room in the house? The water and the tiles make bathroom floors very slippery. This danger is amplified in case of elderly or disabled people. Most of them need help in moving around and when alone in the bathroom, they can be prone to accidents. 

According to several recent studies, over 1/3 of the falls at home occur in the bedroom. 

Elderly family members typically spend a lot of time in their bedrooms. They have a more difficult time getting into and out of bed and should be able to call for help when needed. 

Call-Hear™ for Senior Safety will make private, retirement and nursing homes safer and offer comfort to their residents with special needs.

How Does Call-Hear ™ Work?

Call-Hear ™  for Senior Safety is affordable and simple to install!

The Call-Hear ™  Senior Home Safety Kit consists of:

  • Call-Hear ™  Wireless Transmitters: 1-4 call units may be recognized by the chiming unit.
  • Wireless Chime Receiver: with adjusting volume control, flashing strobe and coloured lights for transmitter identification (battery operated, power supply optional).
  • Installation Tools: May be attached to surfaces using the double sided sticking tape provided, for easy installation or mounted to a surface with the supplied screw set.