CALL-HEAR ™ SOS for Emergency and Safety

Provide immediate help in emergency situations.

The Call-Hear ™ SOS is a welcomed comfort in any washroom, knowing that help is just the "push of a button" away. 

  • The numerous assaults in washrooms, is an unfortunate reminder to us all that we have to be vigilant at all times when entering public washrooms.
  • Circumstances such as wet surfaces and the act of transferring between the toilet and wheelchair can make washrooms accident-prone areas.
  • A senior citizen in a washroom may be in an emergency situation and need help immediately. 
  • People have been known to get locked in the toilet cubicle unintentionally.

Everybody wants to keep injuries at a minimum! 

By installing Call-Hear ™ SOS in the washroom/restroom, facility owners will be challenging these emergency and safety issues directly and in-turn making their premises a safer place.

Call-Hear ™ SOS is affordable and simple to install! 

How Does Call-Hear ™ Work?

The Call-Hear SOS Kit consists of:

  • Call-Hear  ™ Wireless Transmitters: 1-4 call units may be recognized by the chiming unit.
  • Wireless Chime Receiver: with adjusting volume control, flashing strobe and coloured lights for transmitter identification (battery operated, power supply optional).
  • Installation Tools: May be attached to surfaces using the double sided sticking tape provided, for easy installation or mounted to a surface with the supplied screw set.