How Does Call-Hear ® Work?

  • The system consists of a call unit and a chiming unit.
  • The call unit is an easily recognizable transmitter that may be attached to entrances doors, windows, tiles etc.
  • The chime unit is a wireless receiver (cord optional) that can be located at the reception desk, customer service point or supervisor's office.
  • A simple pairing process is used to link the call unit to the chiming unit (see easy pairing instructions).
  • The call unit may be activated by pushing the button on the unit or by using the magnetic call-key. The chiming unit will ring and flash a bright light, indicating that a visitor at the premises is in need of assistance.
  • One chiming unit can recognize a combination of up to 4 call units, as well as identify which call unit was activated, by the led colours on the chiming unit.
  • The transmission distance between the chime unit and the call unit is 30 - 60 meters, depending on the environment.