Step-Hear® - Overview

We all take for granted the ability to easily enter a building or place of our choice independently. We have the help of information signs, maps, internet information and simply by being able to see and read information available to us, makes it easy for us to find our way around. What about the millions of blind and visually impaired people around the world, for whom the simple task of finding the entrance to a building or premises, is unfortunately impractical? For most, to independently walk in the street, go to the bank, mall or medical care center, is somewhat a fantasy.

Although technology is offering different GPS solutions for way-finding, these solutions are mostly for outdoor use and do not solve the problem of way-finding inside the premises. Furthermore, they will only direct blind or visually impaired people to a street address or corner. They will not guide the person to the entrance of the premises, direct them to the different services or offer additional information on what is available at the premises.

Step-Hear®is a simple to use, way-finding, orientation and audio messaging system. When a blind or visually impaired person is walking in range of the Step-Hear®Base Unit, the Activator he is carrying will start to vibrate and beep. By pressing the button on the Activator, the Step-Hear ™ Base Unit will be triggered and an audio message will start to play, guiding the blind or visually impaired person accurately to the entrance of the premises and offering additional way-finding information to the different services available on the premises.


The Step-Hear®system is universal allowing the hand-held activator to trigger audio messages from Step-Hear ™ Base Units in countries around the world.

The Step-Hear ™ unit was designed for indoor (Electrical Base Unit) and outdoor (Solar Base Unit) use.

The system can also be integrated with different applications:  ATM machines and information terminals, traffic light systems (APS), public buses and bus station systems, train services, information kiosks etc.


Step-Hear ™ for Public Locations

Step-Hear™ ATM Applicatioon

Step-Hear™ for Buses and Bus Stations

Step-Hear™ for Traffic Intersections