Smart and Accessible City

Smart and Accessible City

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the challenge

To arrive to any new surrounding whether it is the Museum, The Airport or the Hotel, can be scary for everyone, and even more for Tourists with different kinds of Disabilities.
This makes the ability of way finding challenging than ever.

The Solution

By using our STEP-HEAR App, integrated with our Guiding and Assistant devices, the Resident can easily activate our Audio Signs and beacons in order to find is way at the City. In addition, when the resident will arrive to the Pedestrian Crossing, he will be able through the App to know is exact location, to order the green light and to increase the volume according to his needs.



In every place that the STEP-HEAR Guide is been installed, the App automatically recognizing the location and send’s an alert to the customer.


While is on the bus, the Customer can get through the App What are the next stops, and to Alert the driver in which station he wants to get down.

STEP-HEAR Assistant

The Customer needs live assistant? By pressing the Communication button at the App, the Customer can get live assistant of the service provider through the phone.


We inviting you to Join the STEP-HEAR Revolution for enabling a more Accessible service to All