We are here for you.

For Distributers

We are here for you

In the world today, there are more than 1.3 billion people with disabilities.

By implementing our STEP-HEAR system you can provide

more accessible service to them all!


Come and Join our Distributers Community

8 good reasons to become a STEP-HEAR Distributor:

  1. This excellent system is affordable.
  2. We provide you with full logistical and marketing support.
  3. The STEP-HEAR system is practical.
  4. The STEP-HEAR system is simple.
  5. The hardware is easy to install.
  6. Our STEP-HEAR system is easy to customize to meet the requirements of different sectors.
  7. We have over 20 years of experience providing user-friendly and dependable accessibility solutions.
  8. The STEP-HEAR system provides accessibility solutions in thousands of sites around the world.
Accessibility at the Palm of your Hand in all the different sectors
STEP-HEAR main focus- developing an accessible technological solutions for People with Disabilities.

By Implementing our inclusive STEP-HEAR solutions at your venues, you ensure safe, convenient, and independent access for all your customers at the press of a button


We inviting you to Join the STEP-HEAR Revolution for enabling a more Accessible service to All