Step Hear – Quality Policy Statement

ISO-9001: 2015

The Company’s management adopts the quality requirements and quality terms specified and in accordance with the requirements of ISO-9001: 2015.

The company’s management will establish a quality system that is adapted to and meets customer requirements and expectations and meets the requirements of the ISO-9001: 2015 standard.

The company undertakes to distribute and implement the procedures in the file in accordance with ISO-9001: 2015 out of a policy of streamlining and constantly improving the effectiveness of the quality management system while complying with instructions / customer orders.

The company’s management is aware that quality is a strategic goal and is achieved as an ongoing process through understandable rules for all company employees.

The required quality will be achieved by a comprehensive quality management system that encompasses all work processes. The implementation of the procedures and instructions are a necessary condition for the success of the quality system.

The company’s management undertakes to disseminate and apply the principles of quality policy in the organization.

The company undertakes to comply with all legal requirements and regulations relevant to its field, distribute and guide the employees accordingly.

Quality practices will be reviewed, maintained and improved on an ongoing basis, while controlling for specified periods of time, as set out in the relevant procedures.

The company’s management is committed to setting quality goals and reviewing the performance of the goals.

Quality problems arising from each of the execution stages will be thoroughly examined until professional and effective solutions are found to prevent the recurrence of these problems. All necessary steps will be taken to carry out corrective and final actions.

The company’s management will instruct, teach and instruct all its employees to follow the quality procedures. The quality policy will be passed on to all levels of the employees, from the management through the employees by conducting regular and periodic training.

The Company’s management will regularly conduct internal audits at regular intervals to ensure their effective implementation.

The company’s management will allocate resources according to the material need for the implementation of the quality policy. It will also allocate skilled personnel who receive guidance and instruction for the purpose of improving their professional knowledge.

The company’s management is committed to constantly improving the efficiency of its quality management system.

The company recognizes that the quality of its processes and the services it provides are key factors in its success, therefore:

• The company’s management undertakes to serve as an example to all employees in the implementation of all the above issues and to ensure that the policy is understood and implemented by all employees of the company at all times.

• The company will train its employees in the spirit of quality policy.

• The company will always strive to provide a service that meets customer requirements and according to standard requirements.

• The company will strive for continuous improvement of its processes and services.

• The company will set itself measurable quality goals and consistency to the stated quality policy.

• Quality goals in the company will be determined by the company’s CEO and will be raised at management survey meetings

STEP-HEAR CEO’s Signature: Ravit Kredi            Date: January 3, 2021

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