Petrol Stations

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the challenge

A customer with mobility disability may have difficulty accessing the pump or using it to fill up when the service provider at the grocery shop does not respond to requests for help.

The Solution

Using the STEP-HEAR App integrated with the SH Assistant device makes it easy to call the service provider and ascertain that help is on the way.
The activation button on the App can send both a vocal and visual alert to the device at the service counter and the service provider.



The STEP-HEAR Guide provides users the best way to the venue and ensures they are fully oriented upon arrival.


Users in an urban environment can access real time information about transportation options, can contact the driver of public transportation, activate traffic lights, and much more.

STEP-HEAR Assistant

Allows the user to get immediate help, for example, to open doors and gates or to activate a wheel-chair lift at the press of a button..


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