Public Transportation

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the challenge

The blind and visually impaired can experience difficulty locating the right transportation stop and accessing current information on the different lines, their stations, times, and routes. Individuals with mobility disability need to be able to alert the driver that they are waiting and will require assistance at a particular stop.

The Solution

By installing the Urban smart-card at stops and on vehicle you make it is easy for users to get directions to the nearest stop of the transport line to their destination, to find out when the next transportation vehicle is due at the stop, and to message the driver that a person with disability is waiting at the stop.

In addition, you make it possible for users to access information regarding what is in their vicinity, whether a café or restaurant, shops, or toilets. While traveling on the vehicle, users can find out what stop is next and message the driver to request a STOP



The STEP-HEAR Guide provides users the best way to the venue and ensures they are fully oriented upon arrival.


Users in an urban environment can access real time information about transportation options, can contact the driver of public transportation, activate traffic lights, and much more.

STEP-HEAR Assistant

Allows the user to get immediate help, for example, to open doors and gates or to activate a wheel-chair lift at the press of a button..


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