Smart and Accessible City

Smart and Accessible City

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the challenge

We aim to provide visually Impaired and all citizens with disabilities, safe and easy access to significant points of interest in the urban setting such as universities, parks, or the beach, and to ensure they can safely navigate pedestrian crossings to reach their desired venues.

The Solution

Our STEP-HEAR App, integrated with our Guiding and Assistant devices, readily activates our Audio Signs and beacons that mark the way.

The App also signals the exact location of pedestrian crossings, requests the light to change to green, and provides an audible signal whose volume is adjustable.



The STEP-HEAR Guide provides users the best way to the venue and ensures they are fully oriented upon arrival.


Users in an urban environment can access real time information about transportation options, can contact the driver of public transportation, activate traffic lights, and much more.

STEP-HEAR Assistant

Allows the user to get immediate help, for example, to open doors and gates or to activate a wheel-chair lift at the press of a button..


We inviting you to Join the STEP-HEAR Revolution for enabling a more Accessible service to All